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Our mission

To inspire and assist people
to find what they need

Next generation spaces (offices, retail shops, shopping malls,
public areas) require a better and closer engagement with people.
U-find blends people, spaces and environment creating a living
entity that constantly changes and evolves, improves people's lives
and well-being, foster valuable personal and business
relationships, while driving business results.

U-find integrations:
U-find vision

What U-find can do for you

Cost efficiency

  • Optimization / utilization
  • Energy Savings

Environment analysis and integrated sensors

RealTime people and devices tracking

Space management flexibility and efficiency

Easy and timely Communication

People Management and planning

Visibility & Control of spaces and resources

Managing of hybrid work environments

Culture consistency

Scalable solution

Web and mobile technologies

RTLS Sensoring (WiFi, BLE)

Intuitive and customized Map

Advanced analytics capabilities

Customized Views (businesses and stakeholders)

Our mission

Connecting people, spaces and environment to foster Innovation and Creativity.


People, spaces and environment to foster
Innovation and Creativity

Measure and detect

Changes, behaviors and sustainability metrics


Cost savings, automation and data for
medium/long-term decisions

Live map of people and resources

Mapping Tool

Design Map Tool
  • User defined with areas, POIs, resources and paths
Way finding & Buddies
  • How to get to a specific place or resource
  • Where is my friend/buddy?
  • Where is my car?

Location and Occupancy

  • Real time notifications, alerts based on occupancy and
    triggered alarms
Location and Occupancy:
  • Real time space occupancy
  • Visual Map occupancy information

Advanced analytics

  • People Analytics per day of the week and location
  • Group/department overall information and company benchmark
  • Specific IT detailed analysis and quality of service
  • Detailed resources usage analysis

WiFi and user service analysis

  • WiFi Location accuracy analysis per area/floor
  • Signal quality analysis and metrics
  • Before and after analysis
  • Alarms and notifications based on specific service characteristics
  • Network and device perspective analysis

U-find platform

  • Web based Software as a Service Cloud platform
  • Built on Open Standards
  • RESTful API
  • Cloud messaging queueing technologies for real time messaging
  • API Integration capability
  • IoT sensors - extended partner ecosystem and internal solution development
  • Unified approach - one network to connect people and devices
About us

Our team is young and eager to tackle any customer problem or requirement.
We have a "Uman" touch approach to all problems and we use technology to find the best solution.

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Our team is young and eager to tackle any
customer problem or requirement. We have a
"Uman" touch approach to all problems and we
use technology to find the best solution.

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