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Welcome to u-find App, your partner to help you locate the right person,
equipment, meeting room or desk for a more productive work. Get the
location insights you need when you need it most!

Offices & People

Smart office solution

New generation workforce have different needs and seeks different working experiences.
People, spaces and tools are blended to create a living entity that adapt, evolves and
create a unique environment that shapes the Company Culture.

  • Resource finding and reservation (desk, car park, restaurant, etc.)
  • Recommendations based on history and profile
  • Integration with existing office tools (calendar, directory, collaboration)
  • People/team members finding and planning activities
  • Global teams behaviours in the office
  • Alerts of space usage or environment information (safety and security)
  • Location based Communication (office, floor or area)
  • Monitoring people in office space
  • Visibility and reporting of resource usage (HR, facilities, etc.)
  • Reporting and analysis (based on seasons, weekly dispersion or time of day)
  • Office “environment” analysis (temperature, humidity, CO2)
Office spaces


New generation shopping spaces require a better and closer customers engagement.
Transform visitors engagement and drive your business results.
Build on top of existing investments (WiFi) and increase with existing or new sensors.

Our retail solution offers:

Space usage visibility

Resource utilization analysis

Integration with existing building systems for energy efficiency

Space and resources adjustments

Workplace management

Solution description & main advantages

Booking resources
  • Booking desks and rooms (integrated with O365
    and Google Workspace)
Organisation specific info
  • Visual Directory
  • Teams and group views of calendars/bookings
Advanced analytics
  • Analytics info per floor, area, zone
  • Analytics info per group/BU
  • Detailed WiFi analysis
  • Detailed resources usage analysis
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