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Offices & People

Web & mobile app

Our solutions for shop/office managers and end-customers/visitors.

Web App
  • Focus on user view and personal information
  • Very Map focus on Navigation and resource allocation
  • Quick access to personal information (spaces, bookings, resources)
  • Communication vehicle from people to people and shops/brands to people
Mobile App
  • Extended Reporting
  • Available for any profile, but extended analysis and reporting for management and facilities
  • Creation and management of maps, resources and users administration
  • Interface used for room and floor TouchPanels
Why U-find

Who is U-find for

Our solution is about tracking and managing places and things
regarding people’s needs in their everyday office/shop activities. With
our solution(s) we can make better and healthier spaces, effective use
of time and solve people’s problems in the context of their use of
physical space.

WiFi & Bluetooth


  • Tracking indoor people location
Live maps
  • Visual 2D and 3D maps, showing live people
    information (with gdpr consent).


Our mission is to offer a tool which alows to effectively manage people, spaces and resources
providing a better experience.


Visual map of people in the space/areas

Advanced Reporting analytics

Map costumization with zones, POIs and routing

WiFi Analytics

Up to 3 months analytics (extended option available)

50 €/AP/month

Start 14-day trial


User identification / Visual Directory

Smart notifications and user/group messaging

Resources Booking with calendar integration

“Buddies” concept and location tracking

Single location

2,5 €/user/month

Buy Standart Plan

* Includes all "base plan" features


Integration with LDAP/SAML

Environment sensors and analytics

Extended statistics up to 6 months

Multiple locations

“Things” assignment and tracking

3,5 €/user/month

Buy Advanced Plan

** Includes all "standart plan" features

The pricing shown is the standard pricing, although volume based discounts are applicable.
Not all options are shown, so contact us if you have specific needs.

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would work for your company.
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Our team is young and eager to tackle any
customer problem or requirement. We have a
"Uman" touch approach to all problems and we
use technology to find the best solution.

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