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Please follow these steps to configure U-find correctly

Open a web browser and log in to your Meraki dashboard at

Step 1 - Generate Meraki API Key

Enable API access

For access to the API, first enable the API for your organization under Organization > Settings > Dashboard API access. (my profile)

support dashboard API

After enabling the API, got the my profile page to generate an API key. This API key will be associated with the Dashboard Administrator account which generates it, and will inherit the same permissions as that account. You generate, revoke, and regenerate your API key on your profile.

 Note:  Keep your API key safe as it provides authentication to all of your organizations with the API enabled. If your API key is shared, you can regenerate your API key at any time. This will revoke the existing API key.

API Access key button

Step 2 - U-find: insert Meraki API key

On U-find create customer page, insert Meraki API key and fill the form with the correct information and press the next button.

create customer form
Check your email for the confirmation code

You will receive a confirmation code in your email account. Fill the form with the confirmation code and press next. If you didn’t receive it, press the resend link.

Select the location and location type

Choose the location and your location type between office or retail.


 Note:  after choosing your location type, choose your employees and guests SSIDs and also, assign levels.

Step 3 - Meraki: Create Scan API Validator

Go to: Network-wide > General on your Meraki dashboard.

Enable Analytics

Enable analytics and insert a secret word of your choice in the secret field. Then copy both the validator number and the secret and paste them in the app.


 Note:  the API version must be set to V3.

Step 4 - Meraki: Copy the validator URL

Copy the validator URL from U-find app.


Paste it to the Post URL form field in Meraki dashboard.


Step 5 - Finish the configuration

To finish the configuration just press the next button on the U-find app form and then press the validate button on the meraki dashboard.

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